Paula and Becky's: Cistern Planters and Chocolate Grout

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Hands In

Logan takes the hands on approach with all of our projects (although, with the severity with which she works, maybe "hands in" would be more appropriate). The homeowners being some of her closest friends, Logan poured more of herself than ever into this job.


A Different Approach 

Paula and Becky's yard is truly unique, including a custom flagstone pathway - designed and installed by our very own founder Logan Byers, re-imagined cisterns that were custom cut to serve as planters, and irrigation systems that incorporate the use of graywater.  

We obtained these cisterns (now planters) at  Acme Sand & Gravel. They even do custom cuts for a small fee! 

We obtained these cisterns (now planters) at Acme Sand & Gravel.They even do custom cuts for a small fee! 


Chocolate Touch

Following Dom and Andy's (two of Green Cloud's team members) excavation and leveling, Logan began the process of laying out this custom pathway. Using flagstone, brick, chocolate dyed grout, and her superlative creative powers, she created this true work of art. 

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Abundant Growth

Paula and Becky introduced a variety of edible plants to these funky planters, as well as native grasses at their base.  Once these grow in abundance, the planters will serve both as a home for eye pleasing greenery and a place of harvest.