It's Alive!

Ocotillo tower above most desert plants, and depending on the time of year and rainfall, can either resemble bunches of dead (particularly mean) sticks or giant green pipe cleaners topped with waving red hats. In addition to their endearing appearance, ocotillo provide a great number of uses (especially beneficial within herbal remedies). As landscapers our favorite use of this plant lies in its ability to be replanted from stem in rows, creating fencing…living, breathing, fencing. Ocotillo plant well from stem, and while they require frequent watering immediately following installation, need little maintenance in the long run. Their spines offer security and privacy if placed around a property's perimeters, or can be used to attractively break up large yards. When in bloom, their torch like flowers attract pollinators like hummingbirds, and if surrounded by other native plants, can offer habitat for a plethora of native wildlife.

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