Olla (Oh-yah)


The olla pot has been used to irrigate plants for thousands of years. Traces of the pot have been found from over 4000 years ago in China, though it's believed it's origins lie in Northern Africa. The pot was introduced to the Americas by Spanish conquistadors. 

The efficiency of this ancient irrigation system is incredibly useful for those of us in the Sonoran Desert. When placed near the roots of a plant this unglazed clay pot allows water to seep through its porous body, providing a slow and sure method of irrigation. The top remains above ground so it can be easily refilled and is capped to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes, evaporation and the entry of debris. Type of plant and time of year determine the frequency in which your olla will need to be refilled. 

Interested in incorporating olla irrigation in your yard? Contact us! We love utilizing them in our landscape designs.